Customer Payments

Payment Screen

The payment screen allows customers to choose...

  1. Which invoices to pay
  2. Amount to be applied for each invoice
  3. The desired payment method

  • (Credit Card)
  • (eCheck/ACH)
  • Stripe
  • PayPal Std
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • QuickBooks Payments (Credit Card)
  • QuickBooks Payments (ACH)
  • Offline Credit Card
  • Online Check (eCheck)

Credit Card Payment

Customers can select from any cards they have saved with their profile.

Add New Saved Credit Card

If no credit cards are saved in the customer profile, a new card can be added in order to continue with a payment.

One-Time Credit Card Payment

Customers can also opt to enter a credit card payment and NOT store the card for future transactions. This allows for a one-time payment with the card.

ACH Payment Screen

For payment gateway providers that support US ACH transactions, your customer can add bank accounts and pay via ACH (echeck).

Check Draft (internal gateway)

US banking customers can also utilize our internal check draft payment method. This payment method is free to use and has no transaction fees. See how it works.