Customer Portal

Dashboard View

The customer dashboard provides an overview of the customer account, customer profile, and account balance. The dashboard also displays the most recent transactions as well as any shared customer files that have been tagged for display on the dashboard.

Account Switcher

Customers can optionally have access to multiple accounts. Customers with access to multiple accounts will see an "account switcher" drop-down where they can quickly switch between the accounts they have access to. Therefore, customer "users" only need a single login to access all of their accounts within the same portal company.

View Payments

Customers can click on payment transactions to view details. Clicking on the applied invoices also allows the user to view the invoice PDF (see below).

View Invoices

Customers can click on invoice transactions to view or download as PDF.

Update user Profile

Customer users can update their user profile, change password, locale, and timezone settings.

Update Customer Profile

Customers can also update their customer profile, which will also be updated in QuickBooks accordingly. Note: this feature can be disabled if you do not wish to allow customers to update their own company profile.