How many staff users?

At least one staff user is required.
Drag the slider to adjust the number of staff users you desire.
Note: Data/Storage costs are waived on plans with 4 or more staff users.

How many customer users?

Drag the slider to adjust the number of customers you wish to give access to your portal.
Note: A customer license is consumed when you enable a customer for portal access. For example, your QuickBooks company file may have 500 customers, but you may wish to only enable 200 for portal access.

Total customer count?

Use the slider to set the approximate total customer records in your company database or file.

Total invoice count?

Set this slider to the total number of invoices you anticipate storing in your portal.
How do I calculate this?
In your account settings, you can now specify how many months of invoice history you wish to retain in your portal. The default setting is 12 months, however you can increase this value to as much as you need. Your estimated total invoice count therefore would be the number of invoices you issue each month multiplied by the total months of data retention you specify in your account settings.

Example: You issue about 50 invoices per months and you wish to retain 18 months of invoice history in your portal. Your total invoice count will be 50 invoices times 18 months, or a total of 900 invoices.

User Costs
Per Month
Staff Users
Customer Users

Total Users Cost
Data/Storage Costs
Per Month
Customer Records
Invoice Records

Total Data Cost
Total Monthly Cost